Delight in Discovery with City Girl Tours

Savor classic sights and discover new and beautiful with every step as a guest on one of the many tours we’ve designed for you at Gorshin Trading Post/Ends of the Earth in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Seeing guests’ eyes light up when they see something new; witnessing the camaraderie that develops between travelers as they explore together, their day-to-day cares falling away, is a joy to witness. We love creating those experiences for you! That’s why hiking, sightseeing, history walks and food tastings have been such a focus of our family business throughout the years.

Our tours are designed to bring you the best, most colorful and unforgettable that Philadelphia, NYC, Washington, D.C. and this entire region have to offer.

How to get outside to enjoy tours and more by our very own City Girl Tours?

Choose one or all THREE of these approaches:

A Custom Experience - Set aside the guidebooks, maps and sense of “Where do we even begin?” that we all feel when we arrive in a new location eager to see it all.

A Custom Experience allows you to rest easy that you will see and do precisely what most interests you. This experience is customized to your schedule, tastes, pace, interests and budget. Your private tour includes private transportation for up to three guests. Expect the pleasantly unexpected too! Your tour will feature complimentary extras and local flourishes you would not want to miss.

City Walks - Have you always wanted to delve deeply into Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. or New York City history, foods, neighborhoods, architecture and quirky stories? Then our City Tours are ideal for you. Philadelphia is practically at your doorstep when you live or enjoy an inn or hotel stay near our store. It is a must-explore destination that now stands on equal footing with Paris and Prague as a UNESCO World Heritage City. The capital of the United States - Washington, D.C. - and the world’s culture capital, New York City, are so close that a very complete day trip adventure originating in Haddonfield is not only possible but irresistible to anyone who feels the pull of curiosity for those cities.

History Hikes - Enjoy the most scenic trails in the region on foot or on bicycle - each one rich in beauty and history! Its amazing to realize just how close our shop is to absolutely beautiful woodlands and hiking trails that are so treasured they are protected as national historic landmarks. We will take you to these beauties for history, stories, sightseeing, photography, fresh air and that incomparable feeling you are rewarded with after spending time in the great outdoors.

Ready for the delight of discovery with City Girl Tours? Take one small step towards sightseeing and adventure: email

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