Holiday Shopping Where It's Festive and Fun

Looking for that perfect gift can be half the holiday fun when you know where to go! Where might you enjoy a good gift search just minutes from Philadelphia? Consider following in these footsteps along a shop-lined stretch of Haddonfield, New Jersey, a town recognized as one of America's best, most beautiful and most walkable small towns.

Santa peers outside in Haddonfield from Ends of the Earth Cigars

First stop, In the Kitchen Cooking School for cozy kitchen treasures and good conversation with inspiring Chef Kathy Gold. Step inside and you’ve traveled. You are in France discovering beautiful yet indispensable items for your own kitchen (though you promised yourself not to) and for all of the gourmets and gourmands on your gift list.

Ends of the Earth Cigars Mechanic Street Downtown Haddonfield South Jersey

A few more steps along Mechanic Street in Haddonfield and you’re at Ends of the Earth Cigars - look for the Cuban flag flying above an unusually fun cigar shop sign. Inside, touch, taste, discover- it’s a three-tier multi-sensory experience. Our little shop on the most colorful little side street in town.

Beloved and a favorite of British royalty, Ashley tea cups at Queens Carriage in Haddonfield New Jersey

Turn right at the corner and you’re soon captivated by...tea cups! Yes, tea cups - captivating because they’re lovely...and because they are survivors. The Ashley tea cup sets at Queens Carriage are among those that survived the London Blitz. Hay and wool kept them protected in cupboards and now they’re in Haddonfield in a beautiful shop that also has a long history that dates back to 1777.  Once upon a time the shop was our family's general store - Gorshin Trading Post & Supplies.

Christmas in Haddonfield New Jersey at Gorshin Trading Post

A few doors down along King’s Highway you’re soon arms full with goodies and treasures also from the United Kingdom. Just looking just doesn’t happen when you have so much goodness to choose from here - cottage socks, English meat pies, Irish sweaters, every sort of sweet and scent plus accessories. It’s cane (more like handsome walking sticks) to cap.

The English Gardener in Downtown Haddonfield New Jersey

You could spend an entire day walking in and out of every shop in town - it would be a day of discovery for you. There’s a story (and unique atmosphere) behind every door. What a merry way to find thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list, including you.

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