Thanksgiving Fun: 5 Best Things to Do in Philadelphia This 2020 Holiday Season

Thanksgiving will be different this year but, with thoughtfulness and a safety-first mindset, it can be joyful and filled with family fun. What is there to do around the holidays in Philadelphia? Here are the 5 Best Things to Do in Philadelphia to keep everyone in your social bubble happy, safe and in the spirit of the holidays as we finally begin to close out 2020. This list puts a little spin on Philly sightseeing!

Philadelphia Beyond the Obvious:

1. Masks UP then choose a theme for a family walk in Philadelphia (cannolis, pizza, book stores, movie sets etc.) then map out your walk based on those interests - take family pics at each location and be amazed by what you discover along the way.

2. Create a Philly Park tour for yourself - map out your day so that two or three of Philadelphia's many parks, playgrounds and famous squares are a part of your day of walking - fresh air and fun for your high energy kiddos!

3. Hamilton fans in your family? Mask up then sing out loud as you make your way through Independence National Historical Park visiting key locations in the life of the "ten dollar founding father without a father who got a lot farther by working a lot smarter..." well, you know the rest. Pull up lyrics on your phone and even carry a small portable speaker to add to the experience for your group! 

4. Zero in on one Philadelphia street that you love but this time instead of just walking along that street admiring, make it your purpose to actually walk into every small business on that street - especially the ones you believe you wouldn't be interested in! Observe social distancing/hand sanitizing as you enter then be open to listening and asking questions of the owners, artists, makers etc. There's a story behind every door in Philadelphia. Go find them!

5. Bring aboard someone who knows how to craft a covid-safe yet lively experience for your family and friends if you would rather not build an activity yourself. Someone like hmm, maybe...CityGirlTours? :-)

Book my Philly Sweets, Sights & Stories Tour just for your group. We focus on Old City Philly, exploring side streets and historic landmarks while sharing the amazing personal stories of those who lived there long ago. Each Private Sightseeing Tour is tailor-able to your group's interests, energy and time - the goal is fun and the joy of shared experience in Old City and your favorite Philadelphia neighborhoods! Email

May your Thanksgiving be safe and beautiful!


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