The South Jersey Secret of Revolution Coffee Roasters

What makes a good cup of coffee great? In South Jersey it's having freshly-roasted beans from Revolution Coffee Roasters on hand when you're ready to brew. But what makes Revolution Coffee Roasters coffee so darn epic once you're done selecting the perfect roast for your taste and pulverized your beans to just the right grind size? The secret has been described as "a delicate magic" that is performed by Owners, Justin Ettore, Steve McFadden and Joe Demarest. It involves flame, timing and focus - a process that is best tasted than explained.

When you are ready for the perfect cup of coffee, made with pride, thoughtfulness and expertise, drop on by Trading Post for a bag of their best. If you'd like to see (and enjoy the aroma!) where the Revolution Coffee Roasters magic happens, head to Collingswood to their cafe and retail location inside a restored and repurposed landmark theater. Details and address here. In the meantime, we raise our cup and say, "Cheers to the pleasure of bold, small-batch coffee!"

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