Walk the Ben Franklin Bridge with Us

Love walking and sightseeing? Walk a Philadelphia icon with us - you'll be happy to discover that the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia was built for you!

See what it's like to cross between Camden, New Jersey and Philadelphia on wide open, clean walkways that offer incredible views of two cities; breezes high above the Delaware River and closeups of this beautiful suspension bridge. It was designed back when walking, horse & buggies and trolleys were the preferred modes of transportation. If you'd like to walk the bridge on your own, watch this video we made to help guide you and give you a preview of what you can expect on the way up and back.

If you'd rather take your first walk accompanied by others, you're invited to walk with our MeetUp Group - it's easy. Just follow us on Instagram to see upcoming group walks and events. Or schedule a guided walk with us that works with your schedule.

Remember, there's magic in sightseeing! it has the power to bring you back to life. It's soothing, fun, exciting, sparks joy and inspires you to keep on exploring. When we lead group tours and group walks, our aim is to create memorable experiences for all by making the beautiful and the unexpected part of the fun. Hope you'll join us on a walk soon. Until then...stay curious and keep exploring!

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